Hyundai Sonata Press Release Photography

Some more press release photos we shoot for Hyundai and their 2015 Sonata

Boomrock, What a view …

We had such an amazing day at Boomrock yesterday, the weather only just fell short of the venues stunning location – John

Can You Just Imagine ……

How mind-blowing would this surprise be.

Exciting New Equipment, Can’t Wait !!!!

Exciting day here at one2one Photography Wellington, with a new delivery of toys, I mean equipment, for our automotive photography work, thanks Rig-Pro. Cant wait to test it out – John

Powerfull Weapons Photographers Have

January 14, 2015 Awesome Photos 0 Comments

Quite a powerful and creative image I came across, and not far from the truth either. We do see our camera gear as the preferd weapon of choice, in the never ending hunt to capture lifes perfect moments. – John