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one2one Photography is an International photography company with offices in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, employing 12 (fully qualified) professional wedding and commercial photographers. one2one has never been afraid of breaking away from the traditions and idiosyncrasies that many photography firms the World over impose on their clientele, predominantly the retention of your photographs and copyright. Most photographers will release the images for an extra fee or if you buy a wedding album from them, but we have always believed that to be fundamentally wrong.

We would also go as far in saying that we do not have one company procedure or policy that benefits our company, they all benefit our clients. Take the issue of copyright. The only reason photographers retain copyright is so they can benefit from on-selling your photographs, even though you have paid them to capture these photographs.

When we established one2one photography in the UK back in 1994, we literally started with a blank sheet of paper and asked ourselves what was right with the photography industry, but more importantly what was wrong with it. Also, just what was it that wedding couples wanted from a wedding photographer? You only have to go back to the early 90's when wedding photographers were still being hired by the hour to shoot the traditional family groups. Often a wedding photographer could do as many as 4 weddings a day, if he got his timings right! Those days are long gone, but what we identified in the late 90's was that wedding couples wanted modern, documentary based photographic images. More importantly you wanted all of YOUR PHOTOS - why not, we would too.

We knew then and we still know now, that many photographers operate their businesses owning the full copyrights to YOUR photographs indefinitely. In fact, many professional photography associations discourage their members from giving up any form of copyright. We do not follow that train of thought and never will. All one2one customers receive every image that we capture and we provide the full-resolution original and edited digital files without any reduction giving YOU the option to do what YOU want with YOUR images.

Meet Our Wellington Team

John Stevenson-Galvin Lead Photographer

John brought one2one Photography back to Wellington in July 2014. He brings a unique perspective to every aspect of photography, as he has…

Why Choose Us?

one2one Photography Wellington prides themselves on their journalistic photography style. This means that we use our imagery to tell others a story. The story of your wedding, a business or event. We want you to be able to look back and feel the emotion from the day, and or for others who may where unable to be there, experience a apart of what it was like. 

The best moment are captured when the camera is not noticed or visible to the subject. This allows us to capture the true emotion and feeling of the moment. We often get comments from wedding guests, we had not even noticed you for most of the day. Which we take as a great complement, any wedding or event should be about you and not the photographers. 

We of course can accommodate many styles, but if we feel that what your looking for us not in line with our way of capturing images, we will let you know that we may not be the right people for the job. 

As the old saying goes, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. And this is true for john and his photography portfolio. John's passion for all aspects of the media work are driven by his love of creating and capturing amazing moment and imagery. 

one2one Wellington is but one of our many offices. With multiple locations around the world, and each photographer working under the one2one brand shares their tips and tricks and many years experience with each other. 

John also brings his own unique insight from the VFX industry. Where for over 10 years he has studied and analyses images for feature films every day, making sure his work is of the expected standards of the movie industry. 

In todays digital era, image ownership and copyrights are more important then ever. At one2one photography Wellington we like to keep things very simple. If you hire us to shoot a wedding, product, landscape or commercial business. You own every image we shoot, 100% legal ownership and copyrights.

This includes all the RAW unedited images too. What this means is that you are in control of how your images are used. For example, if we would like to use the images for our own promotional purposes, we have to ask you the owner for permission first. The added benefit to this, is that you can request all the RAW images we shoot and their are hidden additional costs.

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one2one Photography Wellington

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