Lexus LC 500

One of the best shoots this year, out for two days with the amazing new flagship Lexus LC 500 and LC 500 Hybrid

Wellington City

It’s hard to find a spot in a busy city that is quiet and relaxing. This was such a great night to shoot up at the top of Mount Victoria. Looking good Wellington City.

Family Portrait Fun

With Family portrait sessions you need to be very flexible, and think about different ideas. And it doesn’t get much better when the family get right behind that concept. We have a lot of fun shooting the Borisova family.

New Toys ….. Time For Some Light Painting

Its fair to say that I am just a big kid, and we get pretty excited when we get new toys in to play with. We just got a light stick, so it was time to go out and have a bit of fun with it.

Lexus RC F Carbon Edition

Its not all weddings and school balls here at one2one, we love our cars too. Had a bit of fun taking this a few weekends ago when I was out driving the new Lexus RC F Carbon edition.

Mary and Kerry, Chilling out in French Bay Auckland.

We really do love how creative and involved our couples get their bridal shoots. But we have to tip our hats to Mary, who didn’t mind being helped up onto a branch, 6ft off the ground for this cool photo.