New Toys ….. Time For Some Light Painting

Its fair to say that I am just a big kid, and we get pretty excited when we get new toys in to play with. We just got a light stick, so it was time to go out and have a bit of fun with it.

Car Camera Rig Test

Had quite a fun today, testing out our new car photography camera rig – John

Team Sony Camera Sync Time

John and Luke representing team Sony here at one2one, syncing their cameras before we shoot another Wedding in Auckland.

Wedding Photography Gear Prep

You would be surprised how long Wedding Photography prep takes, here is a video that Richard B Flores put together that showcases some of what we go though before we arrive – John

Exciting New Equipment, Can’t Wait !!!!

Exciting day here at one2one Photography Wellington, with a new delivery of toys, I mean equipment, for our automotive photography work, thanks Rig-Pro. Cant wait to test it out – John