Commercial Rates

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

This old saying rings very true, because pictures are capable of telling an entire story all on their own. However, if the photos aren't compelling enough, or are poorly positioned, even they can be ignored. In a brochure especially, you want to make sure the photos cannot be ignored. The value we provide to our commercial clients is based on two key ingredients - our Creative Expertise and our Technical Knowledge.


At one2one Photography Wellington we like to keep our focus on the creativity of the job at hand. And to do this we keep our billing very simple, we work on an hourly basis at $150 + GST. There are no hidden costs, everything will be visible in our quotes. 

Professional Equipment

Our team likes to stay up to date, using the latest digital camera equipment. We like to make sure that our clients are receiving the very best product when they hire one2one Photography Wellington.

Only Pay For What You Need

one2one Photography Wellington is one of the few photography companies that charge in 10 minute billing units. If we are only required for 40 minutes, then thats all you pay for, not the full hour. This aspect of our services is something our clients greatly respect.

Travel Costs

We can photograph your business or products anywhere in New Zealand. All our travel costs are quoted at the time of your booking. To make life easy, we can make any travel bookings required, while providing receipts upon the jobs completion.  If this includes flights, we are quite happy for you to purchase the tickets in order to control your costs, and if we are driving, we have a fixed fee for our km traveled to and from our office.

Image Ownership and Copyrights

In today's digital era, image ownership and copyrights are more important then ever. At one2one photography Wellington we like to keep things very simple. If you hire us to shoot a product, landscape or commercial business. You own every image we shoot, 100% legal ownership and copyrights. This includes all the RAW unedited images too. What this means is that you are in control of how your images are used. For example, if we would like to use the images for our own promotional purposes, we have to ask you the owner for permission first. The added benefit to this, is that you can request all the RAW images we shoot and their are hidden additional costs. And no requirement for messy legal contracts.

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