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Wedding photography is our passion and we still believe you cannot teach what we do or what we see, it comes from the heart and from years of experience. Let's face it, a wedding re-shoot is out of the question, so please try and read to the bottom of the will be glad you did!

Capture what we see not change it

Wedding Photography is going through somewhat of a necessary change and one2one Photography aims to be at the forefront of wedding photography, leading not following. Wedding couples that seek us out are wanting something different from the traditional wedding photography that has been accepted for many years. Our clients are those that want the very best in photography for their wedding day. To us it is the ultimate privilege to be at someone’s special day. The pay off for us is not just the thank you cards and the nice emails, it is seeing the faces of our bride and grooms when they see their images for the first time and relive their wedding day as we saw it.

One thing our years of experience has taught us, people are at their best when they are not thinking about photography - how true is that! We thrive on capturing moments at weddings, its the most difficult part of any wedding photography. These are the images that everyone loves, the images that need no story telling, the images that are absolutely priceless. We use much longer lenses so our couples and their guests aren't actively aware of what we are doing. We want to be unseen, unheard and not the objects of their reactions. This style of photography is often referred to as wedding photojournalism. We prefer to capture what we see. We are not at your wedding to change it, improve it, stage it or fictionalise it in anyway.

So What Makes one2one different ? legally own every picture! You are paying us to do a job, so rightfully all the images we take should belong to you!

Privacy of your images. We will not Facebook or Blog any images without your permission

Two photographers to capture your wedding day for all our packages

You get all of your full-sized original digital images, often as many as 1200+, all colour and light corrected

Online fully edited wedding album within 3-6 weeks of your wedding, usually 250+ images perfectly edited

Various wedding packages starting from $2900, including any Island weddings

Modern photojournalistic unobtrusive style of wedding photography, using the latest digital equipment

Photographers that only take one wedding booking a day and only 2 weddings back to back, none of this completing weddings Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

Photographers that will travel throughout NZ and provide an exact travel cost before bookings

What we charge for digital negatives? Nothing!

Your full resolution digital negatives are fully included in the prices advertised on this website. We don't want to take permanent ownership of your photographs. Let's face it, you will have employed us to capture your photographs, not keep them. All our couples receive every photographic image that we capture. The original images from your wedding, often as many as 1200+ have all been altered in one way or another, they are near perfect, all in colour and ready for print. We remove the images where people have blinked so you are left with a great set of original images. We do not believe its our right to significantly reduce down the number of your images because after all, they are your photos.

What's the value of those edited images?

This is the bit most photographers do not want you to read.

I get confused when photographers include a 'print credit' in their packages, its the one question that comes up nearly every time when we see our prospective wedding couples. I once saw a 5X7 custom print advertised in a wedding 'print credit' package online for $80. The cost would be justified for the photographers editing time of the one image (all of 5 minutes maximum) and the cost of the one print. So just how much is a professionally printed 5X7 print? The best 5X7 print we can order, on metallic paper is $6. On high-end photographic paper, $1.20. That is what we pay as professional photographers for our prints and all one2one clients pay our prices and go direct to our printers in Hamilton, Auckland or Wellington, there is absolutely no need for us to be involved with your printing, you will save hundreds if not thousands of $'s.

Having your full resolution edited files (i.e. files absolutely perfect and ready for printing) means you are not only able to print your photos straight away, but with the many readily available online book making sites like, you can have fun making your own wedding book by simply dragging and dropping files from the edited folder, into downloadable free templates.

Wedding Packages

one2onephotography is one of the few wedding photography companies that provides a second photographer with every package. All our packages include every photo we take, often as many as 1600+, yes you really do get all of YOUR photos!

Image Copyrights

Everything we shoot on the day, you own the full Copyright of all the images without any additional cost. All of the images provided are the full resolution original and fully edited digital files and will not be down sized in anyway! We supply all your images on USB, so you can easily share every moment of your wedding day. 

Facebook & Blogging of Wedding Images

Love it or hate it, Facebook and blogging is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In early 2010 we setup a Facebook page, which quickly took off and became incredibly successful. We also added a blog section to our website in the hopes of keeping people up-to-date with our latest projects.

Now unlike other photographers, we will not post your pictures online without your permission. This is because you have legal ownership of your images, not us. We'd love to share some of the fantastic images we capture but the decision to do so is left up to you.

Let's capture something great together

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